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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Manual Therapy is a highly regarded addition to patient care. Utilizing the time with the therapist for the things that the patient is unable to perform on their own at home while promoting neural reeducation by the patient at home is a more effective plan of care that yields better results.

There are different philosophies within the Chiropractic profession so we can not speak on this generally. What we can say is that with our thorough assessments and precision in our applied manual techniques we strive to find and rid the primary cause of your symptoms/dysfunctions.

Manual therapy goes quite a ways beyond that of which you think of when you think of getting a massage. In Manual Therapy we are using a very high skill set and applying precise techniques to awaken your connective tissue and those structures it comes in contact with for changes to occur.

You will meet with your therapist, one-on-one, in a private treatment room. You will have a thorough assessment performed which is very gentle and will consist of you being in different positions. Pre-tests will also be formed to understand the deficits you are presenting with as well as establish a baseline.

You will sit down with the therapist and “tell your story”. Why are you here? What are your symptoms, complaints, etc?

You and the therapist will discuss a plan of care and you will receive hands-on treatment.

Typically, you will receive a home program of 1-3 neuromuscular re-education items and will review with the therapist. These items are constructed based on your findings and the treatment session and will help to ensure you continue to utilize the new available ranges of tissue that have been achieved in the therapy session.

Doctor Questions

Dr. Fox is a highly trained integrative and energetic physical therapist who focuses on the whole person, man, woman or child. Her training allows her to treat the entire person with focus on the primary driver (the “why”). Although pain presents in one area of the body, it may be referred from elsewhere. With Barral Institute’s brilliant work, licensed practitioners are taught to assess the entire body, to engage, and to promote healing by finding the source of the pain/symptom. She is fortunate to be able to implement Jean Pierre Barral, DO’s work into her practice. Doing so has changed the way she treats and see’s the body. Additionally, Dr. Fox is specialized in pelvic rehabilitation with profound training on pelvic pain, bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction, pregnancy and postpartum care.

By license and clinical Doctoral degree Dr. Fox is a Physical Therapist. However, with advanced and integrated education she is a holistic and energetic practitioner who strives to find the “why”. Treating symptoms usually allows you to feel better temporarily. Once the aggravating factor (the reason) of the pain returns, so will your symptoms. If we don’t treat the source of the problem you won’t see the Renewed you long term. At Renew Manual Physical Therapy we utilize an eclectic, focused, and highly advanced approach to treating each individual by finding and treating the cause. Often, symptoms of the urogynecological, colorectal, and pelvic region are driven from elsewhere in the body. Without detecting and treating the cause your relief may only be temporary.

Referrals and Payments

You do NOT need a doctor’s referral to see Dr. Fox. To set an appointment for a free consult, call us at (209) 949-8640 or you can schedule a full appointment here on our website. It’s very easy, just click here.

Renew Manual Physical Therapy is a cash-based physical therapy practice to ensure you receive the utmost in care with a concierge type feeling. We are active in the shift to cash-pay as it allows us to spend one-on-one focused treatment sessions with you. We do not have any technicians or aids and you will spend your entire treatment session with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy who has delved into a significant amount of advanced and narrowed training to provide you with a treatment designed for you and only you yielding more pronounced results that will change the way you live and function positively.