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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Dr. Breann is Fee for Service. Sessions run from $160-$200. Dr. Breann’s integrative & specialized approach allows her to see patients once every 2-3 weeks with a goal of only 5-6 visits in total.

Dr. Breann’s advanced training & specialized treatment approach requires the body to settle completely from the session before she sees you again. Allowing your body to fully settle provides Dr. Breann with the clearest assessment of your system at the next session. Think snow globe for a minute. Picture shaking up the snow globe. In order to see through the globe clearly all the snow must settle. This is the same idea with your system. During treatment, your system is being woke up and (your snow will be floating in the globe). It takes approximately 3-5 days for the local tissue to settle and then another week to two for the global re-patterning to occur, at which point, Dr. Breann, now has a clear picture of the next treatment step.

The session, as stated above in “Why does Dr. Breann only see patients every 2-3 weeks?” will wake up your system, like the snow in a snow globe. When your system is awake for the first time, usually, in a while, you can definitely feel different. Some report having more energy and feeling lighter. Others report fatigue & a loopy feeling for a day, maybe two at most. Occasionally, your symptoms will be heightened, but typically when this is reported, it is stated to feel different than before the appointment. The way you feel will very much be different from session to session depending on what techniques are used and what tissue is being addressed. Regardless of how you “feel” after, remember, you are wanting change ro you wouldn’t be here in the first place, thus, Dr. Breann honors any and all symptoms as good because this shows your system is changing. The absolute worst thing that could happen, would be nothing happens at all. Plan to drink plenty of water following your session and honor that your system is making changes, so be kind to yourself!

You will meet with Dr. Breann. She works in a small, intimate, one room setting with a treatment table, a couch, and a chair.  Dr. Breann will introduce herself and ask you a few questions. She desires completing the assessment portion without bias, so the initial questioning will be very brief. She will perform her assessment with you in many positions from standing to sitting to lying down. Dr. Breann’s approach is gentle and should not cause you any discomfort. After she collects all the data she needs she will then turn on her teaching hat and educate you on her findings. Then, she wants to hear your story. What brings you here. What do you need. She will then perform therapeutic treatment to address your primary driver.

Upon completion of treatment, Dr. Breann will educate you on the most appropriate re-education items you can do at home. Compliance & consistency of these items will help to ensure you continue to utilize the new available ranges of tissue that have been achieved in the therapy session and that you support your system as it navigates through the healing journey.

Loose fit clothing is most ideal, but any clothing you are wearing for the day is also fine. If Dr. Breann needs to work through the lower abdomen and pelvis region, jeans with a button can be a bit more difficult but usually she can have you unbutton and tuck in the pants and it works just fine. For treatment you are mostly lying or sitting and you will not be performing exercises that make you sweat, so simply dress comfortably.

This is a great and fully respected question. Dr. Breann has chosen to be a Fee for Service practitioner for many reasons. Her choice was easy. Her mission is to serve you in the utmost way. Dr. Breann is able to offer a one on one treatment fully designed for you without the noise or dictation of the insurance company.  This allows compliance with the teachings of the Barral Institute in that when your system is woke up, it will take 2-3 weeks to settle, and if your treatment protocol dictates treatment too soon, then you don’t get the most out of your sessions and in the end you pay out of pocket more money and spend more of your time for less effective treatment.

Doctor Questions

Dr. Fox is a highly trained integrative and energetic physical therapist who focuses on the whole person, man, woman or child. Her training allows her to treat the entire person with focus on the primary driver (the “why”). Although pain presents in one area of the body, it may be referred from elsewhere. With Barral Institute’s brilliant work, licensed practitioners are taught to assess the entire body, to engage, and to promote healing by finding the source of the pain/symptom. She is fortunate to be able to implement Jean Pierre Barral, DO’s work into her practice. Doing so has changed the way she treats and see’s the body. Additionally, Dr. Fox is specialized in pelvic rehabilitation with profound training on pelvic pain, bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction, pregnancy and postpartum care.

By license and clinical Doctoral degree Dr. Fox is a Physical Therapist. However, with advanced and integrated education she is a holistic and energetic practitioner who strives to find the “why”. Treating symptoms usually allows you to feel better temporarily. Once the aggravating factor (the reason) of the pain returns, so will your symptoms. If we don’t treat the source of the problem you won’t see the Renewed you long term. At Renew Manual Physical Therapy we utilize an eclectic, focused, and highly advanced approach to treating each individual by finding and treating the cause. Often, symptoms of the urogynecological, colorectal, and pelvic region are driven from elsewhere in the body. Without detecting and treating the cause your relief may only be temporary.

Referrals and Payments

You do NOT need a doctor’s referral to see Dr. Fox. To set an appointment for a free consult, call us at (209) 949-8640 or you can schedule a full appointment here on our website. It’s very easy, just click here.

Renew Manual Physical Therapy is a cash-based physical therapy practice to ensure you receive the utmost in care with a concierge type feeling. We are active in the shift to cash-pay as it allows us to spend one-on-one focused treatment sessions with you. We do not have any technicians or aids and you will spend your entire treatment session with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy who has delved into a significant amount of advanced and narrowed training to provide you with a treatment designed for you and only you yielding more pronounced results that will change the way you live and function positively.