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Complex Patients


Complex Patients

From the day we were born our bodies experience all types of changes, some good and some not so good. Let’s say you fall out of the tree while exploring as a curious 8 year old. You may not have any issues then, you are like gumby at that age, but then at the age of 19 you are in a car accident. From 21-24 years of age you have bronchitis each winter. Then at 28 years old you have your first child.

Now, you are experiencing pain in your pelvis that is unexplained. You have had every diagnostic test done and they are all negative.

You have seen every doctor and specialist you can think of and no one knows why you have pain. Sound familiar?

Often, “complex patients” end up at Renew Manual Physical Therapy. They have tried everything and nothing has worked, or if it did, it was temporary.

Here at Renew Manual Physical Therapy we focus on the why. Our assessments allow us to narrow down the cause to be more effective with our treatments. So whether your pain just started, you think you know why you have your pain, or you have no idea and no one else does either, allow us to be your partner in your healing journey.

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