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Non Responders


Non Responders
Non Responders are the patients that have typically been to traditional therapy already, taken pharmaceuticals, etc and are still having their symptoms.

We know that the musculoskeletal system is in place to protect the visceral, vascular, and neural systems. Meaning, you will present with a somatic dysfunction of a joint before your body will allow you to be in a position that may stress these other three systems that keep you alive.

For instance, let’s say you were involved in some kind of fall or car accident and you have neck, back, and shoulder pain. You see the doctor, who prescribes Physical therapy and you have completed the program. You went 2-3 times each week for the past month and your neck and back feel better but your shoulder just isn’t showing signs of progression as it should with orthopedic treatment. Your MRI is negative and so was the Xray. Therefore, you know there isn’t any pathology but then why can’t you raise you arm over your head without pain or reach back to put my seat belt on? It is likely there is a deeper line of tension that is limiting the shoulder in order to protect a deeper, more vital structure.

The liver has 4 ligaments that connects to other structures, such as your diaphragm. We know we took a beating in the car accident but did we ever stop to think that the inside of our body also took this beating? The deeper connective tissue can tighten up to protect and unless they loosen back up this will potentially cause other restrictions and even guarding or compensatory patterns.

So, If you are experiencing an ailment that seems to not be getting better despite your efforts, allow Renew Manual Physical Therapy to assess you. Give us a call today 208-949-8640 for an appointment.

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