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Pregnancy Therapy

Pregnancy Therapy
Postpartum Therapy

Pregnancy & Post Partum Therapy

Everyone has their pregnancy/delivery story and no two stories are ever alike. What we do know is the human body 1) is absolutely amazing to be able to house a human and 2) it endures a significant amount of changes during this period. To name a few, and without even putting a dent into all the different changes that occur, hormones create laxity in soft tissue and joints which can take months to years to return to a “normal” state. The mother’s heart enlarges with a total blood volume increase of 30-50% increasing cardiac output and 30% more blood flows through the kidneys. Decreased motility in the large intestines allows more water to be absorbed resulting in constipation. The bladder capacity nearly doubles and the walls hypertrophy due to congestion in the mucosa.

When the baby is born these changes don’t just bounce right back to their pre-pregnancy state.  That would be nice though, right? Additionally, now that we have an infant to care for we tend to lose all site of ourselves and our focus is on our child. In this we lack sleep, which we know is a vital part of healing. We have often had an extensive surgery (C-Section) or trauma to our tissue (vaginal birth) that needs time to heal. From a tissue perspective it isn’t much different than having an ACL surgery or a severe sprained ankle. The tissue needs time to heal.

You may think to yourself “ever since my 1st child I haven’t been able to ….” , or “I am just not the same …”. The problem is we women don’t always allow ourselves the ability or aide in this process. Renew Manual Physical Therapy is able to help restore your body’s function, allow for tissue to have mobility, and organs to have motility.

Schedule an appointment today and allow us to be a part of your post partum healing journey. Once post partum, always post partum. Despite the months or even years that have gone by, it is NEVER too late.


Renew Manual Physical Therapy has spent years working with mothers during their pregnancies. Clinically, we have worked with women who are experiencing anything from lower back pain or “sciatica” to morning sickness or faintness. The mother’s body is going through a lot of changes during this 40 week life cycle and having a healing hand can aide in the body’s tolerance to those changes. We are careful to work with the body, not against it. There is no harm to the mother or the fetus in the practice that we perform and most mom’s have experienced wonderful results that allow them improved health and wellness during this beautiful time.

Absolutely not! Once post partum, always post partum. Often, signs and symptoms may not arise for years after the baby, therefore, you may not even relate it to the pregnancy/delivery. It is likely that this amount of time is what it took for compensatory patterns to form and then create a dysfunction that your body is now unable to work through on its own. Or, you are the mom that literally has has a symptom since the day your baby was born and you have likely been told “to deal with it as it part of having a baby”. You have sadly been mislead. This is not the case. Despite your symptom…..dizziness, leaking of urine or feces, a forced change in dietary intake, or tons of others, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE THIS WAY. We are very passionate about this at Renew Manual Physical Therapy and we want to help you. Schedule a free 10 minute consult or an evaluation today.

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