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Manual Physical Therapy
1st Visit – 75 minute evaluation

As integrative and advanced therapists our focus is on a comprehensive examination. The depth of the examination allows the plan of care to be individualized specifically for the patient. The comprehensive exam includes the patient intake form you are asked to fill out and bring with you to your first visit. We have specifically designed this to cover a profound amount of medical history to allow for a true understanding of your story. Additionally, a gentle, hands-on manual assessment will be conducted by our expert therapists.

2nd and subsequent sessions: 60 minute treatment

Renew Manual Physical Therapy’s one hour treatment sessions are designed to integrate the necessary and all encompassing techniques to aide in your body’s healing process. Ideally, with each treatment session we have removed “layers of the onion” and are one step closer to a more optimal function. Knowledge is power and we strive to promote empowerment by providing you with all the necessary tools of caring for your body. If you experiencing bowel, bladder or sexual dysfunction you will receive extensive bowel and bladder education, as well as, a retraining program to ensure your treatment is all inclusive.

For those experiencing sexual dysfunction, colorectal or urogynecological conditions, an internal examination may be necessary to obtain the appropriate information on your system and to find and treat the primary driver. In the instance an internal vaginal or rectal examination is important for your care our certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner will inform you and obtain consent.

How many times per month can I see you?

Respecting the body’s own healing process Renew Manual Physical Therapy typically schedules patients only 1-2 times each month. This allows the local tissue 3-4 days after treatment to continue making the necessary changes and grants full global repatterining which naturally occurs over the following 2-3 weeks. We like to say it is similar to a snow globe. Your system is stirred up, just like the snow globe is when you shake it. Not all the snow settles at once and some pieces take longer than others, this is the same with your system as it repatterns. During this 2-3 week period changes are occurring and your system is settling into a new and better space. At the following session we have a new place to start from and we continue to build off of this.